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Board of Directors



Carolyn Melby, PhD, ANP, RN, CCH 


Dr. Melby is a global health consultant, educator, philanthropist, and humanitarian worker. Her career as a professor of nursing and health policy has spanned the globe at universities in the United States, Asia, Australia, and at present, the Middle East. She holds a PhD in Health Policy from the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, a Master’s degree in Community Health from the Catholic University of America, a Nurse Practitioner Master’s degree from George Washington University, Washington, DC, and a BSN from California State University, Los Angeles, CA. She loves art, books, and music. She plays the piano and enjoys the outdoors with her dog Simba.


Vice President

Colette Melby

Humanitarian worker in Iraq and Uganda,  mother of six and provider of community services.



Rebecca Melby

Religious coalition community leader and humanitarian service provider, and mother of four, homemaker and sportswoman.


Web Designer

Luke Melby

Student of film and philanthropist. Currently studying film at Brigham Young University. Served for two years as a Spanish-speaking missionary in California. His quiet charisma and charm are enough to cheer up anyone's day.


Board Member

Muhammad Hassan

Graduate student in History at the University of Chicago. Possesses a Masters in Religion, Ethics and Politics from Harvard Divinity School. Studies how refugees and immigrants create space for non-normative constructions of acculturation and assimilation, literacy, religion, immigration, as well as healthcare and the workforce.


Board Member

Harris Melby

Local charity organizer and service provider. 


Board Member

Spencer Melby

Cardiac surgeon in Salt Lake City/Orem Utah, community service provider, and father of six.


Board Member

James P Melby

Engineer, volunteer, and former missionary in Manaus, Brazil for two years.

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Board Member

Zachary Melby 


Pre-med student at Brigham Young University, avid adventurer/outdoorsman, former missionary in Argentina, technology specialist. 

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Board Member

Jared Melby

Pre med student at Brigham Young University, served a Tongan speaking mission in Australia, currently working with a rural health clinic in Uganda, while finishing his BS in Cell biology.  Goals are to make a meaningful impact in the world of science and medicine. 


Board Member

Lindsey Rose Melby


She will graduate from the University of Utah Spring 2024 in honors psychology with minors in integrated health, chemistry, and ceramics. She is currently working in the ceramic studio at the U and hopes for a future filled with art, medicine, and meaningful relationships. 

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